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Reasons to Golf at Champion Hills pt. 2

Top Five Reasons to Enjoy Our Course & What People Have to Say (Continued)

The location, climate and level of difficulty are all valuable assets contributing to the Champion Hills golf course being one of the most recognized courses in North Carolina. But what are the top two features of our course?

2. “The scenery is breathtaking!” - Golf Advisor

Perhaps the most noteworthy asset of the Champion Hills course is the magnificent setting, boasting views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and gorgeous foliage offering tranquility and solitude.

Our course maintains an elevation of 2,500 to 3,000 feet, allowing for a perfect climate while still capturing scenic mountain views. Champion Hills was exquisitely designed by Tom Fazio, award-winning golf course architect with over 50 years of experience. Golf aficionado Graylyn Loomis describes the course as “gorgeous, picturesque holes with elevated tee boxes and lush fairways cut into the valleys below.”

Molded into the mountain landscape, our course truly embraces the surrounding terrain, offering our members an authentic and beautiful mountain experience. As one of our members said, “it’s a gem - stunning!”

1. “Champion Hills is a community of friendly, down-to-earth people.” - Michael, Property Owner

Champion Hills is a top-ranked, year-round golf club with members and residents hailing from over 36 states. Our course offers a casually elegant atmosphere that appeals to everyone. It is this universally appealing experience on and off the course that captures the attention of so many diverse, genuine individuals. “It is a great golf and social program to fit almost everyone,” said a resident.

We credit our members and residents with having established a ubiquitous sense of community. “It’s a great membership,” said one of our property owners. “There are so many friendly, inclusive people and they are very welcoming to newcomers.”

With stunning surroundings, exquisite design, and welcoming members, our course and community alike have captured the attention of so many. “The overall experience of Champion Hills leaves very little to be desired,” said Graylyn Loomis. And we could not agree more.


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