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Make a Day of It: Hendersonville and Asheville Events

by Champion Hills| January 28th, 2020 | Location

Whether you live in the mountains of western North Carolina or are just visiting, it’s a great spot to launch a day trip. From National Forests to historic homes, museums, and amazing events[...]

Why the Blue Ridge Mountains are America's Favorite Drive, Hike and Ride

by Champion Hills| January 16th, 2020 | Location

The Blue Ridge Mountains stretch more than 550 miles starting in Pennsylvania and crossing through 7 other states before ending in Georgia. The towering peaks and rolling foothills are covered in[...]

Why Easy Mountain Living is Good for Body and Mind

by Champion Hills| January 2nd, 2020 | Location

Standing at the base of a mountain, looking up to the heavens, it’s easy to feel small and insignificant. In a moment, the weight of the world becomes gravity free and burdens become light. If[...]

Why Western North Carolina is a “Best Place to Live”

by Champion Hills| December 26th, 2019 | The Community, Location

There’s something downright magical about Western North Carolina. The people, the food, the sports. We could write a novel about all the area has to offer, but we'll take it one blog at a time.  [...]

Roadtrip! {With Surprises!}

by Champion Hills| November 21st, 2019 | The Community, Location

One of the many things that makes Champion Hills such a special place to live is its access to so many special locales close by. On this trip, we’ll hit four hot spots, all with plenty to see, eat[...]

Reasons to Golf at Champion Hills pt. 2

by Champion Hills| June 12th, 2019 | Location, News, Golf

Top Five Reasons to Enjoy Our Course & What People Have to Say (Continued)

Reasons to Golf at Champion Hills pt. 1

by Champion Hills| May 30th, 2019 | Location, News, Golf

Top Five Reasons to Enjoy Our Course & What People Have to Say

Hendersonville Spring 2019 Events

by Champion Hills| March 21st, 2019 | Happenings, Location

Let’s face it, last week’s blue skies treated us to a snapshot of the longer days that await in the coming months. Efflorescence and warm wind gusts also mean countless seasonal events on the[...]

Experience The Best of The Holidays at Champion Hills

by Champion Hills| November 1st, 2018 | Happenings, Location

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colors, the Blue Ridge Mountains are the perfect place to be. Members of Champion Hills enjoy this time of year for the incredible weather,[...]

Off-Site Events Around Champion Hills

by Champion Hills| April 5th, 2018 | Location

The southern charm and sophistication of Hendersonville, the art and culture of Asheville, and the awe-inspiring scenery of the Mountains make the Western North Carolina area a unique setting to[...]

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