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Around the Chef's Table

It is an incredible time to be a member at Champion Hills! With a large variety of events, activities, and amenities to choose from, there is always an opportunity for members to experience our lifestyle in a new way! Our newest event sold out in just a few minutes and has a hefty wait list. What is this highly sought-after event, you ask?

The Chef's Table at Champion Hills

An intimate culinary adventure with gourmet food, delicious wine pairings and even better company! Limited to just 8 seats, this exclusive event is always an outstanding success! "Watching our chefs prepare mouth-watering food right in front of you in such an intimate setting is a truly unique experience that can only be had at Champion Hills." - Champion Hills Member

Members sit back and relax at a private table within the Champion Hills kitchen, while our Executive Chef prepares a blind menu right in front of their eyes. Fresh ingredients eloquently combine to make 5 delectable courses, specially designed for this event, accompanied with a wine pairing to enhance the experience. 

"The menu was outstanding and creative with a wonderful accompaniment of wines. It was a true MICHELIN star dinner. We sincerely hope the Club will have more of these "special" dinners, maybe on a somewhat larger scale, yet still intimate. It was such a pleasure to dine so elegantly."

We look forward to our members joining us with an open mind and an open palate! We hope to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with as many members as possible. 

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