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Pre-Retirement Checklist: Retiring in Western North Carolina

You’ve worked hard, built a great life, saved for the future, and you’ve always dreamed about finding the perfect place to relocate to in retirement. But how do you decide on that forever home and make sure that the community you join is going to be a good fit? Our pre-retirement checklist takes into account a list of factors that you should consider to narrow down your search… to Western North Carolina:

Top Spot for Retirees

SmartAsset.com, a financial tech company, recently crunched census data and found that Hendersonville is the top spot in the State of North Carolina for retirees and ranks in the top 50 for retirement destinations nationally. They looked at tax-friendliness, medical care and social opportunities to make their determination, but that’s only part of the picture.

Building A New Network of Friends

Finding friends can be one of the most challenging parts of moving, especially when you’re retired. When you’re working, you have natural opportunities to meet new people through work and if you have children, through their school, but that’s behind you know.

That’s where a private club like Champion Hills can help. Clubs attract like-minded people looking for social and recreational opportunities. Golf may be a part of your plan, but there are many other things to consider other than just a great course built by Tom Fazio. What types of non-golf activities does the club offer? Is there an on-site workout facility? Are there organized activities like day trips or card games so you can get to know people in a social setting? Make sure that the clubs you’re exploring have the amenities you’re looking for.


Do you want to be able to get outside and be active year round or would you prefer to rely on heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer for comfort? The mountains of Western North Carolina offer a unique 4-season experience. Winters here aren’t too cold and summers aren’t too hot. The spring and fall seasons are long and comfortable with few bugs so you can really get outside and enjoy your new property.

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Retirement doesn’t mean settling down and staying put and Hendersonville is a great spot if you love to travel. The Asheville Airport is just a half-hour down the road and offers dozens of commercial flights that can connect you to anywhere in the world. If you’d prefer non-stop service, Charlotte’s airport is less than 2 hours away.

And while the mountains offer plenty of recreational opportunities, sometimes there’s nothing like going for a swim on a hot summer day. If you love to hit the beach you can be in Charleston, SC in less than 4 hours.

Access to Healthcare

Nobody wants to think about it (and we all hope to remain healthy for as long as we can) but it’s nice to know there’s great healthcare available if you need it. Find out how far your new home is from local hospitals and clinics. Are there outpatient options if you need to have a knee replaced? How about physical therapy? Hendersonville has easy access to three different hospitals.

Cost of Living

The economy in Henderson County continues to be strong and growing. The cost of living is lower than most areas of the country and that’s attracting people of all ages. Demographics show that the county has seen nearly 50 years of consistent growth, a rarity across the country and that growth is from all ages.

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