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Mackenzie Jones: Golf is a Sport Best Warmed Up

Everyone, meet Mackenzie Jones, Wellness Director and Instructor at Champion Hills. 


Mackenzie became a certified Jazzercise instructor in 2007 and has taught Jazzercise and strength classes at Champion Hills since the summer of 2011.  She owned and operated the Jazzercise Flat Rock Fitness Studio in Flat Rock, NC, for nine years before accepting the position of Wellness Director here at Champion Hills six years ago. She stands firmly by the Jazzercise philosophy that fitness should be fun. As our golfers will tell you, it will also help with your game.


And well, we stand behind all of that.


Mackenzie has received multiple professional fitness distinctions, including certifications in strength training and high-intensity interval (HIIT) training. She has also received the classification of mentoring instructor from Jazzercise, Inc. Her superpower is Motivating people and providing them with the tools and structure to lead healthier and stronger lives.


But enough out of us; here are a few tips to get your golf game ready for the new year.


Take the stage, Mackenzie …

It's always a good idea to warm up with a few stretches before a match or round, but I encourage our members to cross-train to enhance their game. Whether that means taking a yoga class for flexibility and mobility or a RIP Trainer Tabata strength training class for core strength and stability, finding the right year-round workout and sticking with it can add years to your play.

Mix it up! Devote one day to cardio and the next to strength training, alternating between muscle groups. Variety will keep you motivated longer and your workouts fresh. Incorporating a daily workout, whether alone in the gym, with a personal trainer, or in a group fitness class, will greatly benefit your overall well-being.

My team leads multiple classes and personal training sessions at our Wellness Center every week. Our primary focus is to create a friendly and welcoming environment for all members. To cater to a broad cross-section of our membership, I have created a comprehensive and robust class schedule designed with the golf or tennis player in mind. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the member experience every day.

I witness small moments of success every day, which inspire me to celebrate the achievements of those who have reached their fitness goals. This recognition will encourage other members to participate in our health and wellness programs, resulting in a healthier and happier community overall.

And Golf …

 This is the perfect time to integrate this fitness into your golf game. And she highly recommends keeping it going throughout the year, at least periodically. One great example is Fred Couples, who has stayed extremely flexible despite being 64 years old. Overall, the Champions Tour now features drives over 300 yards and approach shots that are historically long and high. Golf can truly be the game of a lifetime for all of us. Two of the keys are the flexibility of the shoulders and waist to produce a smooth swing that still generates plenty of power.

In other words, Champion Hills members, now and in the future, you and your golf game are in good hands. Thank you so much, Mackenzie!


For more information on membership at Champion Hills, contact Heather Myers at Heatherm@championhills.com, or for more about our Wellness Program, click here.




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