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How Vertical Golf Memberships Benefit the Whole Family

What is Private Club Vertical Membership_ – Champion Hills

When choosing to become part of a golf community or private club, you may come across the term "vertical membership". It's one of the most valuable benefits a club can offer, yet not many clubs provide this benefit. But what exactly is private club vertical membership? How is it different from legacy membership? How does it make membership more valuable?

Here's how vertical membership works at Champion Hills – and why our members love it.

What is Vertical Membership?

At a private club, vertical membership extends your membership benefits to other members of your family. Think of it like the trunk of your family tree: When you become a Full Equity or Social Equity member at Champion Hills, you, your parents, your kids and their spouses, and your grandkids all receive the same benefits at no extra cost. As long as you remain a member, so does your vertical family.

How is Vertical Membership Different from Legacy Membership?

Vertical membership is less common than legacy membership in the club environment, but more valuable. At most clubs, legacy membership (or "junior membership") extends the benefits of the primary member only to their children. Legacy membership often only covers children up to a certain age, and it usually requires additional fees. Vertical membership at Champion Hills is provided to all members of your immediate family at no additional cost for as long as you remain a member.

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What Benefits Do Vertical Members Receive?

Vertical members get the same benefits the primary member gets. For example, a Champion Hills Full Equity member's vertical family can play golf on Fazio's Mountain Masterpiece without greens fees, utilize our practice facilities, and much more. Vertical family of Equity members have access to all the dining, tennis, pool, wellness and social events at Champion Hills, like dinner dances, trivia nights, and more – and they never have to be accompanied by the primary member.

(Troon Privè perks are not extended to vertical membership.)

Why Does Champion Hills Offer Vertical Membership?

Champion Hills is all about enhancing relationships whether with friends or family. Therefore it is only natural that we offer a membership plan that fosters family involvement in golf and throughout the entire social experience at Champion Hills.

Since most of our members' families live outside the Hendersonville area, we know how important family time is to Champion Hills members. Whether it's visiting grandparents or helping family members by house-sitting their home at Champion Hills, any day can be family day – and vertical membership helps us facilitate those family connections and show appreciation for our members.

Vertical membership at Champion Hills is just one of the many reasons our members stay for a lifetime. Find out more about what Champion Hills has in store by downloading the Champion Hills Guide today.

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