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Couples Retreat: Why Spouses Prefer Golf Community Living

So, your spouse loves the idea of joining a golf community and having easy access to a golf course. But if you're not a golfer, you might be wondering whether making the big move will mean never seeing your spouse, or sitting home alone while they play. 

Luckily, this is far from the case.

While a stunning course might be the centerpiece, it's only a small part of the endless amenities that come with your new community. Keep reading to learn why spouses prefer golf community living, even when both partners aren't golfers.

Easy Access to Amenities Means More Time Together

When you're busy with your careers or otherwise living your daily life, it can be difficult to find time to spend with your spouse.

After all, when you're tired after a long day, the last thing you want to do is have to drive across town for dinner or even simply to get out of the house together. But staying in often means going your separate ways, watching TV in different rooms, or working instead of spending time together.

In a golf community, though, the amenities you crave are just a stone's throw away. Whether you're looking for a tasty dinner where you can focus on chatting about your day rather than working hard on a home-cooked meal, or even just a relaxing evening walk, everything you need is right there. 

On weekends, you can spend more time together on the green or in the clubhouse rather than in the car. If you've ever second-guessed taking a fun day trip because you simply don't feel like spending an hour or so in the car, you'll love the convenience of a golf community where you can relax in your own backyard for a weekend staycation.

Endless Options for a Perfect Date Night Out

A tasty dinner or a fun day of golf are great ways to spend an average weeknight or weekend. But what about those special date nights?

When the perfect spot for dinner and drinks is just a short drive or even walk away, it's much easier to prioritize date night. In fact, when date nights become a habit, you might just get inspired to plan something even more special, like a trip to the spa for a couple's massage!

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An Instant Community

Golf community living can bring you closer to your spouse. However, many members are also eager to join the rest of the community as well.

Moving into a golf community means suddenly finding yourself surrounded by new friends who share many of the same interests and a similar way of living. Your spouse might find his or her new favorite golf partner right next door, while you discover a friend who loves to catch up over coffee just across the street.

If you find you're too shy to branch out, don't fret. There are plenty of member outings and social and golf activities that you can join to help make introductions a breeze.

Learn to Love the Greatest Game

While it's certainly not a requirement to love golf to live in a golf community, if you're new to the sport and want to learn to love it, there is help with that, too! Choose from individual or group lessons, or join a beginner's group to practice your skills each week without the pressure.

When you're ready to start hitting the greens, those golf groups are a wonderful way to practice or just enjoy the course with others who may also still be honing their skills. With a focus on having a good time rather than shooting par, you can relax and learn to love the sport for what it is rather than for the competition.

Deciding Whether a Golf Community is Right for You

Whether both you and your spouse love golf or not, golf community living is a wonderful way to enjoy easy access to luxurious, fun amenities, to live close to other like-minded people, and to love golf.

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