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Why Easy Mountain Living is Good for Body and Mind

Standing at the base of a mountain, looking up to the heavens, it’s easy to feel small and insignificant. In a moment, the weight of the world becomes gravity free and burdens become light. If you’ve had this sensation, it’s quite possible you have heard the mountains call to you. It is unlike the invitation of the ocean and the summon of the desert. It is an inspiring and uplifting call that nature lovers can fully embrace. If you have wondered what it would be like to live in this setting year round, you have come to the right place.

When considering an additional residence or future home in the United States, options are abundant. Barefoot on the beach or baking in the unyielding heat of the desert, the choices range from small towns to big cities as well and only you have the answer.

If you have considered spending your life in the mountains, there are several reasons that it might do your mind and body good to explore the possibilities.

Mountain living is healthy

There is nothing like the smell of the southern pines on a cool spring morning in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The freshness of mountain air is the antidote for city smog. Just seeing nature's walking trails, lined with blooming wild flowers is good for the mind and can make you feel healthier. Elevation change, synonymous with the mountains, makes for exceptional hiking and an excellent outlet for cardiovascular fitness. There’s nothing like a healthy dose of endorphins that are unleashed while taking a spirited walk in Mother Nature’s garden. Not to mention reduced stress and blood pressure that is the output of clean Mountain living

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Change of Seasons

The first warm day of spring after the winter, or the changing leaves as summer gives way to autumn appeals to all our senses. In the mountains, no one season is more majestic and appealing than the other and the variance in temperature is part of what makes each season a little more special. Escaping to the mountains for a respite from the oppressive heat of summer is a familiar move for those in the south. And yet, friends to the north will find comfort in the mild winters. 

Simplicity of mountain life 

Close your eyes and envision your life in the mountains. Chances are you see a small town with a decided “Mayberry” feel - a place where everyone knows your name. This isn’t “Cheers” in downtown Boston, it’s the exact opposite. If your Mountain living vision is absent of suits and ties, traffic headaches and fast living, you’ve found the perfect spot in your mind’s eye. It’s carefree living set in a majestic landscape with modern conveniences. Simply put, mountain living is relaxed. The “Jones’s” have left the building and the rat race is far off in your rear view mirror. In the mountains the only clout that matters is how much you’ve helped others and given back to your community.

There are wonderful stories of people around the world who have lived exceptionally long and fulfilling lives while living in the mountains. And while longevity may not be at the top of your considerations when evaluating places to live, you may want to head for the hills if you’re ready for a life that is good for mind and body.

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