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The Winning Combination: Golf + Fitness

Every morning, Mackenzie Jones wakes up with a smile and a clear mission in mind: to help Champion Hills members stay fit and healthy so they can enjoy the golf course longer. As Director of Wellness, Mackenzie and her team have created a comprehensive wellness program that caters to all types of golfers, and the results speak for themselves. “With the bulk of our membership falling between ages 55 and 75, it’s so encouraging to see they value the importance of wellness. An impressive 75% of our members use our wellness facilities regularly,” Mackenzie shared.

Mackenzie prides herself on having programming approachable and available for every body… whether you are new to workouts or a fitness enthusiast. She collaborates with Champion Hills Head Golf Professional, Scooter Buhrman, to ensure that her programming addresses the challenges he sees most: articulation, balance, core strength, and rotation.

Need some flexibility? Try Yoga Basics. Looking to strengthen your core? Give Golf Core or Slow Flow + Core Yoga a try. Want to take your fitness up to the next level? TRX Rip Training or Cardio Tabata could be the right fit. If you don’t know what program is right for you, Mackenzie is ready to help you craft the perfect experience.

The Champion Hills FitPro Team brings decades of experience and is highly credentialed. They offer modifications and custom programming based on the class attendees. Mackenzie said, “The beauty of being a private, boutique club is that we know all our members. If you have an injury or are coming off of a break, my FitPro team knows this and they are there to help make the class accessible to your current needs.”

For Champion Hills members, a great way to stay healthy is by taking advantage of both the wellness classes and the golf course. It's the perfect combination for optimal health!

  • A walk amid pleasant surroundings is ideal for mental acuity and stress reduction.
  • Burn up to 2,000 calories over an 18-hole, 4-1/2-hour walk for heart endurance.
  • Soak in the sun’s Vitamin D for healthy minerals.
  • Improve muscular tone with proper swing mechanics.
  • Lose body weight and fat.
  • Being social with friends and part of a community group does wonders for the psyche.

Although golf may seem less physically demanding compared to other sports, it is not immune to common injuries. Golfers may experience lower back, wrist, and elbow pain, as well as head and eye injuries due to incorrect technique or hitting the ground instead of the ball. Aggravation of a previous injury is also a possibility.

Mackenzie and Scooter shared their tips for avoiding and exacerbating injuries:

  • Warm up and stretch before playing. Pay particular attention to your back, shoulders, and arms.
  • Include gentle mobility exercises, then take gentle air swings or ball hits using short irons.
  • Take lessons with a PGA Instructor – a good technique is the best defense against injuries.
  • Use proper, well-made equipment, including shoes, socks, gloves and clothing.
  • Get your golf clubs professionally fitted before purchase.
  • Wear sun protection – clothing, hat, sunglasses, and 30+ sunscreen.
  • Drink water before, during, and after practice and a round.
  • Lift and carry clubs safely and, when necessary, use a cart.
  • Consider playing in the early morning or twilight to avoid the hottest period of the day.
  • Stop playing immediately when an injury occurs.
  • Seek first aid or prompt medical treatment for any type of injury, irrespective of severity.

Mackenzie and her team recognize that wellness isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. If group fitness isn’t for you, they have a plan for that too. One-on-one fitness opportunities for members with personal trainers are available. Her mandate to Champion Hills members: “Keep happy and healthy by living your best, fit life on the course in a safe and rewarding environment.”

More information: Mackenzie Jones, mackenziej@championhills.com, 828.696.1962, ext. 1411.

Learn more about our Wellness Program and Amenities.


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